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    Smile Check if image contains mouse

    Hey, iv been trying to find a simple way to check if an image has been clicked, So far i have been using the following method below :
    Java Code:
           //draw the image 
    	Rectangle imagebox = new Rectangle(30, 30,30, 30);
    	TexturePaint imagepaint = new TexturePaint(image,imagebox);
            //if anchor rectangle contains mouse.getx and mouse.getY perform print
    	if (imagepaint.getAnchorRect().contains(e.getX(),e.getY()))
    		System.out.println("Image clicked");			
    Im looking for a method of checking the image was clicked that does not use a rectangle, as this means you can click anywhere within a box and the image is selected, id prefer to create a shape from the image loaded, however this involves a moderately large amount of code to generate a shape based on pixel alignment. Any help in making it possible to select an image only if its pixels are clicked would be great :)

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    BufferedImage has a method getRGB(int x, int y) that might be useful for that.


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    That really helped, i have nearly fixed the problem i just need a way to transfer mouse coordinates into image coordinates and itll work, Thanks again!

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