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    Default Add items to an array repaint problem

    Hey, im having some problems with making a 2d canvas. I have made a canvas that adds images to it when i click. I want to store the x and y coordinates of each image i add into an array when they are added to the canvas.

    The problem i am having is that if i resize the window and left click the code performs the add item to array hundreds of times because of the repaint, heres my code :
    Java Code:
    public void mouseClicked(MouseEvent e) 
    		// set last mouse click position
    		last_X = e.getX();
                   //add xposition to the array
    	       Integer xpos=new Integer(last_x);
                   //set image to draw as 1
                   paintimage = 1;
            public void paintComponent(Graphics g)
    		 if (paintimage == 1)
            public void drawthis(Graphics g)
    		g.setColor (Color.BLACK); 
    		g.fillRoundRect(last_X, last_Y, 200, 200, 2, 2);
    So im really just looking for a way to add the values to the array when i click but without it adding values on each repaint of the graphics context. Any help would be good :)

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    That's not really enough code for us to work from. Code you post should be in the form of an SSCCE.

    I suggest you use print statements instead of adding items to an array, that way it's easier to see what you're talking about without reading through extra stuff.
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