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    Default Movie control Package

    Hi every body,
    i have a simple Java off-line application that it has to show and control a movie ....
    What is the package and classes that contain the methods that do such tasks?!

    i expect the existence like the following methods :

    1) void PlayMovie(); // to play the movie...
    2) void PlayMovie(int Time); // to play the movie starting from a specific time...
    3) void GoTo(int Time); // Go to play a specific time...
    4) void Stop(); // Stop playing the movie...
    5) int GetDuration(); // returns the movie lenght...
    6) String GetCodek(); // returns the codek name...

    And so ....

    Is there a complete set to handel and control the movie like above?.... or i am just dreaming !:confused:

    (There is a complete collection to do that) ? (:D) : (:confused:)

    Thanks for any help

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