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    Default Font trouble in Java 2D

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to write a string on top of a BufferedImage in a non-standard font, loaded via

    Java Code:
    f = Font.createFont(Font.TRUETYPE_FONT,
                                  new File("nashvill.ttf"));
    f = f.deriveFont(36f);
    But if I try, for example

    Java Code:
    g2d.drawString("ABCDEF\nGHIJKLM\nNOPQRST\nUVWXYZ", 50, 50);
    only the letters 'N' and 'Q' will display properly. If I change the argument of the deriveFont method, different letters will display. I have tried different .ttf files, and have found the same problem. I have also installed the .ttf file into /jre/lib/fonts, and loaded the font using

    Java Code:
    new Font("Nashville", Font.PLAIN,36);
    but I still get the same problem. Any ideas?



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    You can not use newlines in drawString. If you want draw multiple line then you need to call multiple drawString.
    Volker Berlin

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