I am working on writing a panorama tour applet and I want to be able to display html when someone mouses over an area of a panorama called a hotspot. The html would be describing a particular feature of the image like a building or a mountain. I know you can draw text on an image using drawString, but I would like to be able to draw html on the image. I could take a screenshot of a label with html on it and draw that, but that is a lot of work to create an image for every hotspot in a panorama. Does anyone know of a good way to display html on an image at a particular point?

Another thing I would like to do is to add buttons on the bottom of the panorama. When the users mouse pointer isn't close to them, I want them to shrink and become more transparent. When the mouse pointer is close to them I want them to become larger and not transparent. I know, I can do this by creating small images and drawing them. Is there any better way to do this?

Thanks very much.