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    Default how i can to create tape of turing machine graphically

    i want to create turing machine simulator that user create its machine
    graphically then click on tape and enter alphabet of tape then trace machine
    for a tape that its shape is like a table with one row an any amount column
    that in any column there is only one character . tape should to be seem
    that it move to left and right . and else the character in any home could be changed .

    now for table with one row that have in some of its home character and
    can move left and right and home can be changed and it column may be
    added or removed i should use what in java
    i had idea but did not good idea i want at past to create image of empty table
    and then get alphabet of tape then insert string on image at faver place
    but i think this not good idea or possible idea

    what i do?
    best regard

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    mod edit: code deleted. See below
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    Hardwire, you've posted full code solutions for sunolinu's homework in his previous thread and have taught him mainly how to beg for code here. I'm considering deleting your post before the OP returns. Any thoughts from you or anyone else in the forum on why I should or shouldn't do this?

    No takers in this discussion yet. I am going to delete hardwire's post for now, but hold on to it, and may place it back. Please let's discuss this issue in the forum lobby if anyone has an opinion:
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