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    Default Graphics: Buffered Array as Video Memory

    Hello everyone.

    I'm familiar with Java's syntax, but I've only been using it for
    console applications.

    I would like to start some graphics programming, although, I
    would like to do everything on my own with pixel control.

    If possible, please help me generate some code that does the
    - Creates an empty window with certain dimension. That dimension
    should be provided by 2 int variables.
    - Create a "buffered" array. This is the tricky part. The array should
    have the same length as the dimensions for example:
    int[][] screen = new int[x.var][y.var]
    and each modification I do to the array should "instantaneously"
    modify the windows previously created.
    The point of doing this is that I want to use the array as if it was
    a high level Video Memory Array.
    Is it possible?

    Also, please tell me how do I give colors to pixels. Multiple arrays can
    be created, no problem with that.

    Also, are there any pre-programmed Line routines or something?

    Thank you.

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