hi all,
i 'm new in java2d and now i want to combine four colorspace c,m,y,k tiff file into one cmyk tiff file. I used bandmerge operator to create and save the image. but the image cannot be viewed by fax viewer and it appears to be white in photoshop.

here is my code:
String[] args={"f:\\tiff\\c.tif","f:\\tiff\\m.tif","f:\\tif f\\y.tif","f:\\tiff\\k.tif"};
PlanarImage[] inputs = new PlanarImage[args.length];
for(int im=0;im<args.length;im++)
inputs[im] = JAI.create("fileload", args[im]);
ParameterBlock pb = new ParameterBlock();
for(int im=0;im<args.length;im++)
pb.setSource(inputs[im], im);
PlanarImage result = JAI.create("bandmerge",pb,null);
JAI.create("filestore",result,"f:\\multiband.tiff" ,"TIFF");

I also used the code in this link:

to merge the four files but not succeed. i'm sure the four files is in the right format,c,m,y,k respectively.

does anybody know what's wrong with that? thanks!