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    Default [SOLVED] Calendar help

    I got a date formated as YY,MM,DD as data in thedates. Problem is how do i get it to set into the Calendar? It seems i can't use any variables?

    Thanks in advance!

    Java Code:
         Calendar abcd = Calendar.getInstance();
         int typeofchart = 1;                           // SETS THE TYPE OF CHART
         String datestrip[] = thedates.split(",");
         //abcd.set (2006,5,30);                       
          // abcd.set(datestrip[0],datestrip[1],datestrip[2]);
           abcd.set(Calendar.YEAR, datestrip[0]);
           abcd.set(Calendar.MONTH, datestrip[1]);
           abcd.set(Calendar.DATE, datestrip[2]);

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    Nevermind! I took one more look at the class and i realised it should be in int! Silly mistake. Thanks. :)

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    Calendar.set() takes two ints

    Java Code:
    abcd.set(Calendar.YEAR, Integer.parseInt(datestrip[0]));
    abcd.set(Calendar.MONTH, Integer.parseInt(datestrip[1]));
    abcd.set(Calendar.DATE, Integer.parseInt(datestrip[2]));
    Edit: ok, nevermoind me then ;)

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