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    Default Zooming in on fractal

    I'm trying to create an animated fractal generating program. However I've run into a bit of a roadblock when it comes to animating the fractals. I'm trying to create a colored animation of the Mandelbrot set.

    The following picture is simply panning to the left and zooming in.

    I don't see how I can zoom in when the coordinate plane can only consist of integers.
    Even if I had a coordinate plane made of rational numbers, I could't zoom but so much. How can I get around to being able to infinitely zoom. Any ideas?

    Thank you for your time and effort,

    Mr. Beans
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    Firstly, you must remember to distinguish between the fractal coordinate plane and the image coordinate plane. Each pixel (denoted by integers) maps to a point in the fractal, which will be some real-valued coordinate. When you zoom, you change this mapping. The image coordinates always stay the same.

    For example, in a 64x64 pixel image you can map 0 to -2 and 63 to 2 with 1 pixel = 0.625 to show the whole fractal, or zoom in by mapping 0 to -0.2 and 63 to -0.1 with 1 pixel = 0.0015625.

    You can never zoom infinitely - even if you used BigDecimal you would eventually run out of memory. The animation above uses the fact that the fractal repeats itself and just loops roughly 12 frames.
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