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    Default drawing shapes in java help

    i need to draw shapes on a JPanel or consider a GUI

    Is there any designer for this like the visual editor where you can drag and drop components onto the window????

    I cant keep drawing from the program because it will be a tedious job for me as i have got a complicated diagram.

    Any quick help is appreciated
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    I can't really help U all that much, but it may be usefull if U drew out your diagram on paper, and then using trial and error, figured out all the points.

    Or u could just draw the diagram in a image file, and just draw the image in the JPanel's draw event. Do do this, U'd have to make a new class that extends JPanel, and then use it in the place of a regular JPanel in ur main class.

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    About what kind of shapes are we talking about?
    Ow just noticed the topic startes posted this in april. ^^

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