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    Default algorithm to cut an object from an image

    Hi All,

    I am working on an image processing project concerniing car plate license recognition...i reached the hough transform and recognized the plate position but now i can't find any algorith to cut the plate off due to the hough result ..and all researches found don't mention this part in details!! can anyone help??

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    Default I don't know where you are at.

    I have frequently reviewed your post,
    because I am very interested in
    image recognition algorithms. I have
    designed a primitive object extractor
    project. Some day I hope to have
    time to develope it further.

    I would like to respond to your post,
    but I am uncertain what you are
    stating in it. I imagine one of two

    You have found CODE for the hough
    algorithm, but do not know how the
    result is delivered, or 'instanciated'.


    You have found DESCRIPTIONS and
    DEMOS of the hough algorithm and
    would like to develop code that
    performs similarly.

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    No ...Neither the first nor the second ..i just wanted a solution ar an algorithim in order to make java code that crop or clip or cut or extract the plate number from the image according to hough lines displayed...And i am on my way to find the solution soon !!

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