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    Exclamation draw on desktop without Frame

    please help me

    how to draw any shape (line2D) on desktop without frame?

    I want programming snake game, but I want do it on desktop.
    Is it possible?

    note: somebody say me that possible only in C++.

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    I read a post recently with a trick that simulates that. You capture the desktop image, crop it, and set that as the background of the JFrame, which is undecorated. You can then draw in the JFrame. Note that the user is blocked from using that portion of their "desktop".

    Generally, I would suggest avoiding doing this sort of thing in Java...

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    Years ago, I ran across a native windows look and feel that included native windows operations (only on windows of course). Something like that exists out there, which would give you window transparency.

    Without that, if you are dead set on using Java, Steve is right.

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