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    Default Hi, I am Carlos A Marine Vet

    Hey what is going on,

    I am Carlos. I got out of the Marine Corps about a year ago and I am now going to Arizona State University. I am a little new to Java, I started learning in this past spring semester and I am digging into it a lot more now over summer. I have learn quite quickly and have a solid understanding of it's concepts.

    Anyway, for those that are actually experience in the real world. What can one do to 'sell' myself to a company? Are there certain areas I can work in or should focus on. I would like to get real life experience (In any software engineering or programming business that is) during college, I am not looking to wait until i get a piece of paper from ASU to actually get my foot in the door. Thanks.



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    Default Re: Hi, I am Carlos A Marine Vet

    While you're attending college, think about building up a portfolio that consists of different projects you've accomplished outside of school. That will give you an excuse to learn stuff that might not be taught in your classes, and you'll end up with a list of completed projects that you can show any potential employers. You'll have much better luck if you can answer the question "Do you have experience with XYZ?" with "I sure do, and here's how you can see what I've done with it."
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