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Thread: Hi I'm Felix

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    Default Hi I'm Felix

    I am Felix from Germany.
    I'm not quite sure how much you really want to know about me, so here goes:
    I have started the CS106a Stanford course this saturday in the hope of learning some java. This was the result of my love for electronic things like PC, Mac and all kinds of tablets and smartphones.

    Currently I program (If you can already call it that) on a MacBook Pro. So far its working out good.
    Also I am reading tons of stuff about java and try to put everything as good as I can into practise.

    What else is there to know, I am 24 years old and work as a chemist :D

    Thats it for now and I'm sure I will have some questions on the way to becoming a programmer that you can answer.

    Greetings from Munich

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    Default Re: Hi I'm Felix

    Hi and welcome, Felix!
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    Default Re: Hi I'm Felix

    Quote Originally Posted by ChinChan View Post
    What else is there to know, I am 24 years old and work as a chemist :D
    A chemist huh. For what purpose are you learning Java/programming? You want to move more towards building scientific software for research purposes? That's a wickedly interesting side of software engineering, but the working environment is usually very different from when you develop 'business software'. In my experience its usually very difficult to actually get people to move and start working on something; its all talking, designing, meeting, researching and waiting waiting waiting for people to finally give the ok to begin; at which point you run the risk that the requirements make a complete 180 when you're done with it. Well that last bit is not so different from the rest of the software engineering world actually :)
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