I just want to give a brief, customary introduction!

I'm fairly new to Java programming (I've taken one introductory course in college, but there was no actual programming involved; that, and I failed to take responsibility of my own education... I'm over that phase now).

Therefore, any knowledge I have of Java (or any other programming language, for that matter) is purely superficial. However, I'm incredibly excited to be here because I am finally determined, motivated, and ready to learn Java.

My ultimate goal is to program Android games; in fact, it comprises 95% of my motivation. I do know, though, that in order to be truly good at anything, I need to learn it the hard way.

So, I've purchased "Java: A Beginner's Guide (5th Edition)" by Herbert Schildt, and intend to tackle it from the ground up, at least one hour per day, starting today.

Any tips that you all have learned throughout the days, months, or years that you've been studying Java would be greatly appreciated.