Hello all. I am new to this forum, and, other than an introductory college course in Java years ago, new to Java as well.

I am not a student attending any institution, rather a person who loves to learn and challenge himself. I was intrigued by Java programming when I was first exposed to it, but since I was going to school, didn't have the time or attention span to devote more time to the craft.

I am working as an electrician at a hydroelectric power plant now, after having retired from the Navy, so I still have no constructive outlet for my experiences with Java, other than to make me happy. However, I am under no deadline to finish a project or complete a class, so I can learn Java at my leisure, taking the time to learn the language thoroughly, and hopefully develop good coding habits along the way.

I will undoubtedly turn to experienced coders here for help in the future (thanks in advance!), and hope to someday become a contributing member of the group.


P.S. I will always adhere to the "What have you tried?" philosophy before seeking guidance in my endeavors.