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    I've been an I.T. student for almost two years, and this fall will be my final (5th) semester before I earn my Associate's Degree. But I'm transferring to a University in spring 2014 to continue for my Bachelor's. Out of all of the programming courses I've taken so far, I've found Java to be my favorite programming language to work with. You might think that after being an I.T. for 2 years, I should have somewhat impressive skills, but in reality, I still feel I have A LOT to learn. I want to specialize in at least one programming language before this year is over, so why not try to master my favorite one? Thanks for having me here people!

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    You might think that after being an I.T. for 2 years, I should have somewhat impressive skills,
    HA! Talk to me when you've left school and worked for about a decade, THEN you may have some impressive skills. But even when you finish your bachelor's you will still know nothing. The real training will come once you get your first job, because then you learn that programming is hard - very hard. But also fun, luckily. Its an acquired taste though, you seem to be on the right path if you can already identify that you like Java. Plenty of people really have to chew through a wall of information overload, misunderstanding and frustration first.

    Note that programming languages are fine and dandy but they're only hammers - tools for you to use. I wouldn't cling too much to one of them and don't think that it is your entire world - you should eventually "grow up" and start to consider software engineering in general. In a development project, actual programming is but a small part. Things like requirements and expectations capturing, system design, issue management (what I like to call "misery management") and above all - research will take up a big chunk of your time.

    Let me put that differently: for me the fun in programming is not the programming itself - it is the solving of problems and the realization of a solution that people can actually use. I feel just as good when I fix a horrible bug that haunted me and my colleagues for weeks or even months as when we complete a new module of an application and it passes the acceptance testing phase. Writing yet another data access object that does things and stuff with a database doesn't thrill me so much.
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