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    Default Hello forums!

    Hi all!

    I've got a few weeks of spare time, and decided to do something useful with them: time to learn Java.

    For my studies, I have to program a lot in Matlab, and I have gotten to like it very much. So, I thought: time to learn a 'real' programming language. In addition to that, I study physics, and I rarely get to apply the knowledge I have. Programming something seems to be fun way to use some of the mathematical and physics knowledge I have now. :)

    My plan was to just work through the tutorials at The Java™ Tutorials and when I'm ready with that, try programming a simple game like Pong. I started today with these tutorials, and I'm at the Objects & Classes session now. Woohoo! Ultimately I would like to be able to write Apps for android, for example. Also, I thought this skill might come in handy for my studies, and also when I'm good enough, I could take a part-time programming job, perhaps.

    Of course, when you are teaching yourself, it's nice to have a place to ask questions. That's why I signed up here.

    If anyone has any tips or good advice to get me started more quickly... Don't be afraid to say so! :D

    Have fun all,
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