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Thread: Hi Guys.

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    Default Hi Guys.

    Hi everyone, Im jace
    im new here and i really want to learn java and master it.
    hope you all welcome me and help me.
    thank you and God bless

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    Default Re: Hi Guys.

    Welcome creperz.

    I'm new too and want to learn it. Would you be interested in partnering up as a team, so that 2 or more of us could learn java? The way this could be done is via skype or real-time chat messengers...what do you say?

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    Default Re: Hi Guys.

    Don't try to master it, you'll be busy for 30 years. Try to get good enough, that's already difficult enough - then you'll be busy for about 10 years.

    Note: don't let that discourage you, before that 10th year you can be very productive learning and making lots of mistakes ;)

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