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    Default Greetings!

    Hey all,

    Am new to Java and am looking for the best online course to learn Java from scratch, and I really mean complete scratch, I would ultimately like to learn how to build games using Java, but have no experience with programming, really need to start off at the basics with a course I can learn in my own time, but is largely taught to me, rather than one where I have to fully teach myself. There are some courses I have found via Google, but I am looking for your opinions as I imagine that you have all been through this already and will know what to avoid and what you found to be the easiest. I hope you all have the time to help me out here and I appreciate it.

    Many Thanks, Jp_Blitz

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    Default Re: Greetings!

    Hi and welcome!

    The problem with starting from scratch is, that you have to learn the basics first. This is the tough part, the fun parts come later and it will take some time.
    A good starting point for the basics is still Oracle's beginner Tutorial: Trail: Getting Started (The Java™ Tutorials)

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