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    Default Hello Java Forums

    Hello all the im sure wonderfull people here at java forums

    a little about me

    I have never done any java codeing before so im probably biting off more than i can chew but most of my experiance is in VB and C++

    but ill try not to ask to many questions because i really pride in teaching myself how to do things but i may have some simple questions on modifying something because my current projects include trying to get screen shots of javaboy's game screen

    javaboy is a game boy emulator written in java..

    so thats about it for right now...

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    Welcome oasis to Java Forums!

    Nice to here that you are more like to be self learner. Me too, really like to explore by my self. Anyway don't hesitate to ask any question at any time. People always ready to help here in our community.


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    Glad to have you here. :)

    See you around!
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