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    Arrow I don't think this site is for me?

    Hello anyone,
    I am not computer savvy. I am almost 60 years old, and I have no interest in learning to write code or read code. I enjoy gaming on my laptop, and have loved to have it when I have been laid up etc..
    I have been a member of the pogo game site for a number of years. A few months ago I started to get a message that I needed to download Java for a game, I already had Java, and when I went to the pogo help, and to the section on Java, I passed all the tests, and got the perky message, Enjoy your gaming! Went back to try again, and same thing You need Java.
    I have followed all the steps at the Java oracle site, I have unloaded and re installed java so many times, it is crazy. I have downloaded both the 32 bit and the 64 bit. NOTHING I do seems to make the games at pogo work. Now I have no java on my computer. Figure why have it take up space if it doesn't work.
    I have had that small window drop down from the left side with the java at the top and then all the letters followed by things such as empty bin. etc, and copy, clear or close at the bottom, I have not a clue what that means, and it doesn't seem to do anything even if I try to clear or copy.
    I just want to download Java and play Canasta at pogo. Or Mahjong or any other game that I am paying to play.
    I have written to pogo, and so far no results. I keep getting the same answers, and I have done the steps everyone gives me. It makes no difference.
    I need step by step instructions, for someone very.....though not stupid, I feel dimwitted at times when it comes to the pc, so very clear speak, and something that WORKS! Is there such a thing available here? or is this site for people that want to learn code, and stuff? I hope someone can help me if not and I wondered to the wrong site. Sorry. Oh I play on a HP laptop, Windows 7 and it doesn't seem to matter what browser I use. I have had the same problems on IE10, 9. And on goggle chrome. I find firefox for some reason doesn't work well on this pc, but I have tried it with the same results. Thanks again.

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    Default Re: I don't think this site is for me?

    Although this is a site for Java programming, and you're best off contacting pogo (do they have forums?), I can try to help.

    Step 1: Go to your control panel and uninstall every version of Java you see.
    Step 2: Just for good measure, go to where you had Java installed (probably C:/Program Files/Java/ and C:/Program Files (x86)/Java) and delete any remaining folders that were left behind.
    Step 3: Edit your PATH to remove any references to any versions of Java.
    Step 4: Go to Oracle and download and install the latest JRE. I think it's 1.7u11. You probably want the 64 bit version.
    Step 5: Edit your PATH to include the JRE directory you just installed.

    You can also enable your Java Console, that way you can see any errors being generated. Actually I believe that's the window you're describing (the "small window drop down from the left side with the java at the top and then all the letters followed by things such as empty bin. etc, and copy, clear or close at the bottom"). That should display any errors you're receiving.

    And if all else fails, always try restarting your computer.

    If any of those steps confuse you, I've included a few key words that google should be able to help with. But really, pogo should be the ones best able to help you with this.
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