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Thread: I am a Newbie

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    Default I am a Newbie

    Dear all,

    I am Nakul from Bangalore,India. I am a graduate fresher. I would like to seek advice upon learning java programming from scratch(hello world).
    I know C programming, Data structures in C, and Linux Kernel Internals. I feel that i cannot depend upon only these and will to extend my programming skills in java. I don't have a computer science background in my Engineering. Please tell me the way to get started and what are the prerequisites needed to learn coding in Java. Which books would you recommend. Or link me to the posts which already has such info.

    Thanks in advance for help.


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    Default Re: I am a Newbie

    The Java tutorials are a fine place to start.

    kind regards,

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    Default Re: I am a Newbie

    Moved from New to Java

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