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    Default Self-learning is arduous, for web project develop I don't know what's next to proceed

    I am a Chinese so hard to be a technique. Westerns have innate familiar with the letters, codes, oppositely those seem intricate to me and worse my major in college is not software development relevant. I am self-learning web project and trying to adopt such a job, but worse than worse is that my intelligence is too low so that I can't fathom the abracadabra in those tutorials.

    I had finished self-torture of reading a lot of tutorials relating java core and fundamentals, but I can't retain those details too long since I need to jump to web project develop soon, because I direly need to earn money quickly. A lot of people doing relevant jobs don't know how to use generics or collection frameworks but they can still be crippling coders and most importantly, earn money, leaving some high-intelligence technologist daytime-dreams and earning a lot of money daytime-dreams to the future, haha.

    Ok I am trying to be familiar with Jakarta Struts framework but tutorials seem to have prerequisite beforehand, when it says persistence frameworks etcetera, etcetera, I start to be beholding god-books.

    I refer back to Servlet, JSP, JDBC tutorials but too briefly too abstractly, I can hardly understand or remember and even if I violently pushed some concepts into my brain warehouse when I get back to Struts tutorials I still couldn't understand what's the meaning being said within, headache me, they drive me mad maybe I'm not suitable to be a coder (and not granted the ability to leave the poorness maybe several years later), how sad

    Anyway, adore the coders, logical structure designers, any reply appreciated, wish everyone happy jobbing, cheers!

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    Default Re: Self-learning is arduous, for web project develop I don't know what's next to pro

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