Hello. I am a highschool sophmore, i took my schools intro to java class last semester (unforutantly that is now the extent of my schools java teachings) in search for some extra computer credits and found out iut how much i like programming.

I want to either be a software engineer or be an embeded systems (or robotics if the job field gets less extremly competitive) so i decided to pick back up on programing recently setting a goal to design and succesfuly make a program atleat once a week (unless im working on a big one, big for me anyways). What other languages do you think would be good for my wanted career field.

I was also wonderig if anyone here could recomend some good books on java or other prgrammin languages that I may need. I know enough in iava to get by as a beginer (if-else, whiles, a tiny bit of gui)

Thank you for reading this and for any advice you may give.
Sorry ahout any typos, im typing this on my ipod