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    Default Hello - Offering a helping hand :)

    Hello all,

    Ive been using Java for around a year now, all self taught.
    I think I am an example that anyone can learn Java, I aint the brightest bulb, but I know what I know due to myself :)

    I have only joined one or two Java forums before, and left because the community just never felt.... friendly?
    So I am looking to come join the Java forum, meet some new programming friends, work on some projects, and mostly, help new people.

    I strongly support people wanting to learn programming, I think it changes the way you see life(maybe not always for the best )
    So yea, I am far from an expert, But I am a friendly face and willing to help.

    I am also looking to join some existing projects, to learn and practice my Java, as I say, everything I know is self taught(mostly sloppy, or bad habbits)
    So I am looking to join some teams and gain their experience and add it to my own.
    I have only ever finished one of my Java projects, a program called Stick it.
    The concept of Stick it was to have post stick notes that randomly remind you.
    So far it is only for personal use, but it helped me learn GUI's alot, maybe I should do a tutorial on it

    Thanks for reading, I look forward to working and learning with you all :)

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