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    Default Semi - Experience Noob

    Hey everybody.

    I have a feeling that I will be spending a lot of time on this forum. I wanted to take the opportunity to say Hi!

    I feel that it would be rude if I only jumped on the forum to have questions answered, while not contributing to the community.

    My background is based heavily on network security and computer forensics. Although I love all the aspects of network security, I have always had a burning desire to create things. I always felt that I not only needed to program, but program well.

    I'm about 20 days into my Java journey and learning quickly. I am skipping around the chapters in my Java book (Introduction to Java Programming, 8th edition).

    I skipped some of the not so interesting stuff... (single and multi-dimensional arrays ) and have gotten straight into the Network chapter.

    I love networking.

    So anyways. Long story short, Hello.

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    Default Re: Semi - Experience Noob

    Welcome to the! I'm sure I speak for all in saying that we look forward to seeing you around here!

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