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    Smile Hello Everyone - I am a novice java programmer

    Hello everyone, I am new to this java forum.

    I joined this forum to learn java and expand my java skills, experience and knowledge even more further to an adavacned level.

    As in the title of this thread I do not know much about java that much, I am a beginner programmer so please bare with my understanding and knowledge in regards to java and programming in general.

    To be honest I do not like programming at all, I probably hate it now and one of the reason I joined this forum was to help me learn more about it, especially in java, as I am doing this at my univeristy for my degree programme. So I guess im going to force myself to learn it as I cannot get away from it lol but I have figured that it is interesting and it is fun once you pick up on it, just like maths (another subject that I am not fond of lol).

    So as I said please bare with my understanding, it may differ and lack in most aspects in java programming and I hope to learn quickly myself but i maybe slow at times with understanding it and thus I need all your great help to achieve this.

    Thats enough of me ranting, I look forward to collating with the new people I meet here and start learning and expanding my knowledge in java and programming aswell from each other and everyone.

    Thank you.


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