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    Cool Learning java for Android. VERY interested in OO, design patterns, Xtreme programming

    I'm starting to learn java. I have programmed before, but in a mess! Like MatLab, VBA, SQL to improvise solutions to small problems as needed.

    Now I'm very seriously learning OO, design patterns, test-based development and how to take full advantage of Eclipse. I've started with "theory" and haven't typed java much yet. I want to code for Android, and will get that environment up very soon. Then I'll be trying my wings for real. I simply skip to learn about API:s like Swing which are not available with Android.

    I study on my own, and I recommend the "Head-First" books about java and design patterns. I also liked Dexter's Total Beginner video tutorial about Eclipse very much.

    I have ideas about a couple of specific app's I want to develop.
    I'm interested in talking about learning java, so you're welcome!

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    Default Re: Learning java for Android. VERY interested in OO, design patterns, Xtreme program

    Welcome to the Java forums! I think that I speak for all in saying that we look forward to seeing your questions and your answers here!

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