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Thread: Hello World!

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    Wink Hello World!

    ok,ok....i know that intro must have been done to death about a zillions times before, but hey, come one... "Hello World!" is one of the most recognized programmer inside-jokes :D

    i'm a reborn Java programmer, if you will. Dabbled in Java while in school and studying at University, but since I started work I have moved into pure Oracle development.

    i know feel the need to stretch my legs (mentally speaking) and relearn the ways the Java programmer. i will be patient as a little grasshopper, and i am certain there are many wise heads on this forum who can guide one who is eager to learn.

    we shall speak again soon... :cool:

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    Default Welcome

    Hello Hiro ZA!

    I hope you have much to gain here.
    Eyes dwelling into the past are blind to what lies in the future. Step carefully.

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    Glad to have you back Hiro!

    See you around!
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