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    Default Hello :D

    Just thought I'd say hello. I"ve used this forums before to get help etc from searching, but finally broke down and joined myself. I'm a homemaker currently. I was going to school for Computer Engineering, but only made it two years (my partner is studying medicine and we felt it a better investment to send her to school since my Social anxiety would most likely keep me from ever actually applying my CE degree). I hope to go back, but maybe when we can afford uni without loans etc. Sadly most of my time in the last two years was spent finishing my Math requirements, and some general Physics/electrical eng. courses. Had not had the opportunity to formally study any programming at uni.

    Anyway, I'm still trying to learn to program myself (so hopefully I can focus on my other CE tasks when I start back, wouldn't want to be struggling with C++, Java etc and learning Machine code, advanced math etc at the same time. lol). I thought I'd start with Java as a friend of mine warned me, rather harshly, not to start with C (as I had originally intended). She mentioned Java being a very useful langauge to do a lot of things (web, desktop, etc etc) so it seemed to make sense. Very new to programming, I have some exp. with PHP, and JavaScript (but only made a few websites for friends ie. stores, blogs etc). I'm familiar with general programming (loops, OOP concepts, etc) and I feel very comfortable with PhP so I'll more or less have to bug you guys for java specific problems :P

    Glad to have registered, this forums has been a great help so far :)

    Best wishes,


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    Default Re: Hello :D

    Welcome to the forums, Glad to have you!

    I wouldn't agree java is 'better' than C, tbh C and java are quite similar syntactically. There are of course differences, but I wouldn't dissuade you from C if it's what you are interested. You can get K&R C real cheap and it's a very good book. Other than that, good luck learning java, and let us know if you need any help.

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