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    Talking Hellooo! Anyone home?

    Hey fellow technorologists,

    I am happy to finally have gotten around to registering an account on this prestigious board, my name is Kevin or you can call me Zeal0t if that tickles your fancy. I have recently decided to get back in to the wondrous world of computer programming, I had encounters in the early days of my teenage-ness with anything from C++ to Delphi doing various things but I somehow leaned off of religiously learning about new ways to solve a task and just kind of continued reading about the industry and things within it without actually working on it myself. I can not accept that and I want to begin learning something fresh and Java is something I have always been interested in learning - now I feel is my chance.

    I look forward to sharing and gathering information with you folks, and that we all may accomplish our goals steadily and at a good pace.

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    Default Re: Hellooo! Anyone home?

    Name stealer!
    How to Ask Questions the Smart Way
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