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    Default Hi, New to the forum :)

    Hi i'm from a small sunny country call Malaysia. And i'm here basically to learn more about java, to make some new friends, and to gain more experience working with a group. I have some programming experience but mostly web based (ie html, php, css) and have only a little bit of experience programming in java.

    My long term goal is to create a proper operating system based on the XOK exokernel. I've tried to do it once, but due to inexperience the project kinda fell apart. But no harm done, i'll just try again.

    For the short term, i wish to learn more about programming in general, write some small programming that's useful to someone on some remote island, and to contribute to open-source projects. I think programmings fun especially when your working to solve a problems that really hard to solve. I guess its the rush of solving a hard problem and the knowledge that your really helping someone that keeps me programming :).

    I don't have to much to offer right now, but i'll try to help people with basic problems and more advanced problems as i learn more.

    At the end of the day, i'm just glad to be here :).

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