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Thread: Hey Guys

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    Default Hey Guys

    Hey everybody

    I just started to learn about programming with java a couple of weeks ago and i havent started computer science yet (I'm in 9th grade)
    so im trying to teach myself the basics.Hoping to have a great time here

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    Default Re: Hey Guys

    Hello, and welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay here. For some good book suggests, view my sig link which says "book recommendations." If you run into trouble, feel free to ask on this forum. Everyone is nice as long as you do the following:

    1. Avoid using URGENT -- or any synonyms. Your deadline isn't the problem of people here and it will hurt more than help.
    2. Use code tags, [code]YOUR CODE HERE[/code]
    3. Ask smart questions, provide errors in code tags, and don't flood us with 1048293048823 lines of code. Smaller snippets will receive more attention.

    It's nice seeing someone so young checking out programming. Hope you enjoy yourself here!

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