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    Red face Java......................................whats the problem !

    Hi all.....I'm a caver/miner/potholer and for many years have used hotmail/photobucket and several other sites with no problems.
    I am running windows xp pro with sp2 (updates turned off) and running firefox 5.0.1 to get on the internet with java 6 update 26, around 6-10 weeks ago my computer has thrown a fit so bad i can no longer do the following

    1 if i go to my photobucket logon page there are 2 tabs 'logon' and 'sign up'........the logon button no longer works ( if i go to the tools/error consol i am told 'jq is not defined') so the log on button does not work
    2 if i go to my hotmail i can sign in but i the tab 'hotmail' is dead so i can not access my mail at all, further down the page is a heading 'hotmail highlights' and under this is stated 'goto in box (26)' but this tab is also dead
    3 if i goto facebook i can log on ok but the tabs to do with upload pictures is dead so is the upload link tab

    there are many other sited i use with issues similar to the above

    I have been told it is my java at fault but no one knows how to sort the problem out, I have formatted my computer and re installed all that i usually do (which use to work) but now it does not, could anyone point me in the right direction please.

    sorry for the question within this introduction I suppose in short i'm stuck in a rut which is slowly getting filled in.

    thanks for anyone reading this and to anyone who can assist .....cpcnick

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    If this is a problem with your browser, it is more likely (and sounds like to me) this is a problem with javascript, which is not java. I'd suggest checking your javascript configuration of your browser.

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    I have no idea where to start with java script or how to get on it unless its through the error console !, is there a program to sort this problem out or do i need to change the script manually ?.

    until i hear from you or some one else i will look into trying to sort the script although it looks strange to me as one night it was working all ok the next day it all went wrong.....

    thanks for your advice and i await for your reply sir, thanks for setting me off in the right direction


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