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    Default Hey there...

    Hello associate forummers,

    I did make a small acquaintance in my opening post, but that was a short one containing a question.
    Now I'll do it right.

    My name is Norman, 24 years old and from Holland (The Netherlands). I started late 2009 at the Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen studying Communication & Multimedia Design. After some unseen problems and a buddy dropout I'm going to aim at Buisness Information Technology (I think you call it that ) because I fancy ERP systems and databases. I've worked for a year as an assistent IT administrator and now I'm searching for a new job in the IT buisness.

    Java is not my biggest love but sometimes when i get it, I see the charming side of it
    So I hope I can learn at least some basics over here that I don't understand right now. Programming is still logical thinking right?


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