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    Default Expert programmer, re-learning Java

    Hello all,

    I am new to these forums but not to Java. I used Java 1.4 years ago, but was forced to C/C++ and even some assembly projects. Now I am back! I have been using Java 1.6 (SE) for the past year, and have discovered (via Sun's docs) many additions and even some new syntax.

    Can anyone recommend a good book for Java 1.6 SE? I don't want a learning Java book, but something more advanced. Any suggestions?

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    Effective java is supposed to be an extremely good book which I believe is for people with a good understanding. The java programming language by gosling is a good reference. A good threading book is concurrency in practice.

    Welcome to the forums, hope these suggestions help you out.

    Disclaimer: I have not read these books yet, however; I have heard nothing but good things about all three and have intentions of purchasing them in the near future.
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    I used "Java Generics and Collections" (O'Reilly) as a 1.4 -> 1.5/1.6 update book.
    It's not covering everything new, but things like generics (evidently), enums and some datastructures.

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