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    Default Hello Everybody

    Hi all, thought I'd stop in an introduce myself. I don't usually go for the introduction section but I thought I would.

    Obviously I'm here to be a part of the Java community. Right now I'm trying to work with sprites. My first post here was to showcase what I've learned so far here.

    Other than programming I like lifting heavy things. I also throw disc in track. I used to run distance, including cross country. Then I gained about 30 pounds and couldn't do that anymore. Gained another 30 so I just focus on lifting and throwing. Might think about sprints eventually.

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    Welcome, I hope you enjoy the stay.

    Remember the following things if you don't want people being rude.
    1.)Use code tags
    [ code]<-no space here

    2.)Ask specific questions, try not to be vague. Tell us exactly what is wrong, don't leave us to guess.

    3.) Huge code dumps are hard to read through, try to make short examples that reproduce your problems.

    4.) If you get errors, post the exact errors(copy/paste) not paraphrasing. When you paraphrase stuff may be left out. A stack trace is often very helpful to us.

    5.) Have fun, help out with whatever you think you know. Don't hesitate to help out if you aren't totally sure. If you are not confident with your answer, include that you are hesitant. If you do this and you are wrong, someone here will tell you that you are wrong. This will help you learn as well.

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