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    Default Hi all from a new member

    Hi all,

    I've just recently become a registered member after lurking for sometime. I love the support that is provided from the members here, and that's the main reason I've decided to register. (Its the only java forum I've subscribed to).

    Anyway a little about me. Over the last couple of years I've completed a "Certificate of Attainment" in java at CIT. The course was pretty good.

    The funny thing is tho. That even before I finished the course (And still wasnt very good with java - err actually I still consider myself a noob here!) Where I work heard about the course I was doing and said they had just started up a java team. So I joined the team and have been loving it since.

    I had (and still have) a massive learning curve, going from simple CIT problems to solve to straight away starting on J2EE webapps and these strange widgits called web services, not to mention so many other things! OMG!

    I found the going very tough, but I think the hardest part (which by the way nothing about frameworks were ever mentioned on the course - lol) for me was that we were using frameworks such as Maven, Spring and Hibernate, and JSF. WOW what a lot to take in.

    I've been in the team about a year now, and there are still a lot of things I dont fully understand, but every day you learn something new.

    I'm loving it and am sure my wife will leave me if I spend much more time on the computer at home programming to keep skilling up ;-)

    Other than that, I'm a 44 years old, unfortunately have another favourite time sink called World Of Warcraft.

    So thats basically my intro. I'm looking forward to receiving help for some of my projects if I need it, and if I feel comfortable enough helping others I'm happy to try and assist them.



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    Welcome! to java forums

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    Thanks for the welcome sanjeev.
    I'm hoping as my experience builds that I'll be a good contributer here.

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