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    Default Hello everyone!

    Hello everyone! I wanted to introuduce myself and let you all know what brought me here :D
    I originally picked up python for work because we have thousands of configuration files to sort through , but shortly after wanted something more for my efforts in learning. More as in the ability to eventually turn my knowledge into full GUI applications , as well as make web pages that tie to programs i create for work so other techs and even customers can use them easily. After a small amount of research i found that Java was the language for me, and it helped that my girlfriend a few months back and picked up a Java fundamentals book from the library book sale. It was for an older J2SE but still, helped alot. Im now a happy Java student, and just thought im at the point where being a member of a nice forum community dedicated to the code would be extremely helpful for me to bounce ideas around etc.

    Hope to see you all around quite frequently!

    One thing ive noticed is that because java as a language is so huge, finding the perfect tutorial or example for what you want to do can be difficult at the worst of times. I love making tutorials so let me know if you need an example of a beginner-beginner intermediate java concept and ill see what i can do!
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