Hi everyone,

i thought i'd just post up in the intro section of the forum since i just got my membership, and say a bit about me....if anyone cares :D

real name's daniel, ive been learning java in TAFE (similar to university) for about 6 months, but i only get one lesson a week so progress is pretty slow compared to specialty courses. im studying a course called "Advanced Diplomah of Computer systems Engineering" which is fancy talk for networking i guess.....but we're learning CISCO, linux systems and that kind of jazz, pretty genral realy.
umm not much else to say realy, i aspire to install networks in remote areas of australia, mainly stuff like satelite links for farmers and such, appart from that.... most of my passion lies in cars, i own a Toyota Hilux LN65, Toyota Celica RA65 and a Holden Torana LC Speedway car.

ill just finnish up by saying great forums and i look foreward to learning from the vast experiance on java-forums.org ,
cheers everyone