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    Default Hi, my name is noone9 and I want to be a pirate

    My skills are:
    • Holding my breath underwater for 10 minutes.
    • Little bit of Krav Maga knowledge, comes in handy for hand to hand fighting.
    • C/C++, not particularly useful at sea but it works on the other branch of piracy :).
    • PHP/XHTML/CSS/JS/AJAX/XML; allows me to get laid and free rum when we land.
    • Assembly, allows me to take the ship apart and fix the cannons.
    • Java, when the Imperial Navy captures our ship we can escape in the little boats which allow us to do the same as the big ship without requiring all the bulk.
    • .NET, if the Imperial Navy captures any of our boats we can tell them we are imperial spies working for them.

    So where is the SCUMM JVM bar so I could meet the Java Masters? :)

    Anyhow apart from the nerdy pun referring to classic MI and good old graphic adventure years...

    Hi to all, I'm a software developer (C++ for Desktop, PHP for Web Develpment, and SQL Server or MySQL for RDBMS needs) from Puerto Rico, I work in a telecommunications/consulting company and do all kinds of outsourcing, consulting, and inner development for clients in lots of different industries.

    I have been meaning to become an expert developer in .NET and Java for a while now, but never got the time to do it. With the dominance of both on the business market I feel it is finally time to take the time and effort to dedicate myself in entirety to both of them.

    I already have an intermediate knowledge in C#/.NET/ASP.NET/ADO.NET but I've stalled .NET in preference of Java. So I'll be focusing on Java for now.

    I already know C/C++, Assembly, PHP, and SQL at an expert level so I believe porting my knowledge to Java would be a fairly easy process.

    I came to this forum so I could get help when I get stuck along the way and hopefully to help others as much as possible as I have seen that is one of the best ways to learn.

    Regards to all.

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