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    Default i'm new and help me

    hi i'm new and require some help

    i'm new to java and i'm required to change some coding from c++ to java

    hope someone here could help :)

    #include < algorithm >
    #include < iostream >
    #include < queue >
    #include < vector >
    using namespace std;

    typedef pair < int, int > ii;
    typedef vector < ii > vii;
    #define TRvii(c, it) \
    for (vii::iterator it = (c).begin(); it != (c).end(); it++)
    #define INF 2000000000

    int i, u, k, v, weight, V, S;
    vector AdjList;

    int main() {
    freopen("input_sssp.txt", "r", stdin);

    scanf("%d %d", &V, &S); // I read the number of vertices then the starting/source vertex S

    for (u = 0; u < V; u++) {
    vii Neighbor;
    scanf("%d", &k);
    while (k--) {
    scanf("%d %d", &v, &weight);
    Neighbor.push_back(make_pair(v, weight));

    // Run Dijkstra's from source S
    vector < int > dist(V, INF); dist[S] = 0;
    priority_queue < ii, vector < ii >, greater < ii > > pq;
    pq.push(ii(0, S)); // sort based on increasing distance

    while (!pq.empty()) { // main loop
    ii top =; pq.pop(); // greedy: pick shortest unvisited vertex
    int d = top.first, u = top.second;
    if (d == dist[u]) {
    TRvii (AdjList[u], it) { // all outgoing edges from u
    int v = it->first, weight_u_v = it->second;
    if (dist[u] + weight_u_v < dist[v]) { // if can relax
    dist[v] = dist[u] + weight_u_v; // relax
    pq.push(ii(dist[v], v)); // enqueue this neighbor
    } // regardless it is already in pq or not

    for (v = 0; v < V; v++)
    printf("Distance from source %d to vertex %d = %d\n", S, v, dist[v]);

    return 0;

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    Hello lotatyou, welcome to the forums.

    Introductions is not the most appropriate place for questions as it is generally reserved for exactly that.
    Still, that aside, have you attempted to convert this code youself at all? Forum members like to see people have a go first.

    If you are struggling to get started then I would suggest breaking down the code into its required functionality first.
    There are a number of similarities between the languages in terms of functionality though with a few tweaks and changes to naming convension.

    A good place to start would be to look at the Java APIs for the following packages:

    Ther are also a number of tutorials to look at.

    If you are still struggling after this lot, then post back.

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