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    Default Greetings!


    So I have to do an introduction. I know, it's not mandatory, but it's nice to have people welcome you when you get to a new place. :)

    I'm an old guy that abandoned programming many years back for different reasons but I've recently decided to give it another go, but doing so for my own purpose, not someone else's.

    My background is in C/C++, some javascript, VB (way back in the day) and others.

    After hearing many good comments about Java, its simplicity and its ease of use, I've decided to recycle myself back into programming. I had an idea about a game not that long ago and realized it would be the perfect opportunity to get into the language.

    At the moment I'm on a self-imposed sabbatical thus have many hours to fill. I used to be on another forum (which everyone knows I'm sure), but the rampant elitism was too much for me. After browsing this forums, the answers and the real community feeling existing here, I thought this would be the ideal place for me to hang out while I twiddle with my code.

    In a tight nutshell, that's it.

    For now I'm not stumped, so I won't be asking for help, but I will search a lot I gather! ;)

    Anyway. Please to meet you all! :D

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