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    Post Hello world!

    Hey guys (and gals)!

    Just joined the forum after scouring the internet for a solution to a problem. Luckily, my inquiry was promptly answered by you guys, so kudos!

    Anyway, I've been programming since the early to middle 90's. It's always been a hobby of mine. I started out writing programs in Q-BASIC, and sadly, I stuck with that language for a good while. In fact, it wasn't until I was working in a neuroscience laboratory in college that I switched. I walked in one day to find one of the lab members struggling to understand and custom-tailor a program written by someone else to suite his needs. After solving his immediate needs, he mentioned that he would like to start using Matlab to present visual stimuli to a monitor and analyze the resulting data. Since he knew little about programming in general, he asked me if I'd like to toy around with it - so I did!

    Matlab is fully object-oriented, which was something new. I quickly found, however, that I absolutely adore object-oriented programming as opposed to procedural programming. There's just something wonderful about defining your very own data types (as it were).

    After cranking out a brand-new program for him, I realized my calling... programming! So, I changed my major from Biology to Computer Science, and fell back down the college ladder. Recently, I became interested in Java, and so here I am writing an introduction to fellow programmers on a Java forum.

    I've written quite a few programs in Java, but most have been simplistic enough for me to write without learning too much. Hopefully, my current project (to model the AI in a traffic light controller at a four-way intersection) will teach me a great deal. Already, I've had to research reflection!

    So in summary, thank you for your help; I hope some of my knowledge will be of use to people on the forum.

    Happy coding!

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    Hello and welcome to the Java Forums! I think I speak for all in saying we look forward to seeing your contributions here!

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