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Thread: Hello, I am Sno

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    Default Hello, I am Sno

    Hey guys,

    some of you probably have noticed that I have been bouncing around on this forum.

    I am a B.S Computer Science Major Student.

    My Primary Language is Java, or well what I've been working with the past 5 years,

    Right now I am an Internal Applications Interface Designer at a Grocery Warehouse Company (C&S Wholesale Grocers). Hired as a Java Programmer, but doing web based javascript and what I list below.

    Currently the past 3 years as well I've been doing web design, Javascript, extjs, html, css, drupal, wordpress, etc. etc.

    I have created a few software systems using java and in order to keep touch with my java boundaries, I am attempting to stay active on this forum and learn from others problems and suggestions.

    I may come off as ignorant at times, but please, I am not, just my writing can be direct.

    Other than that, I look forward to having some fun on this forum!
    :rolleyes: ~ Sno ~ :rolleyes:
    '-~ B.S. Computer Science ~-'

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