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    Wink hello :)

    Hey, I'm AwesomeStorm.
    I mainly came to this site for help with my computer science summative project, but if I decided to do more Java in the future I'll pop in for more :)

    I program well in C# and, so Java is a big change but at least it's a challenge. I usually go by the alias of Blupig or Phenomenon, but thought I'd change it up a little, hence the name.

    I've written the official guide for MaNGOS (World of Warcraft private server binary) and am also a global moderator on a large game cheating site called Sythe and of course I play WoW ^_^

    I ski race competitively, play tennis, swim, play soccer, lift weights, etc, and am in grade 12 in Canada. Fluent in French, too.

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    Welcome to Java Forums AwesomeStorm!

    Interesting aliases:
    The chicken is involved, but the pig is committed
    Difficult to pronounce: fĭ-nŏm'ə-nŏn', -nən
    I think you'll find Java to be similar to C#, but when it comes to architecture .Net is easier to master. GUIs in Java can become a mess if you use a poor IDE or do it manually. Visual Studio makes it all look too easy. You should be able to learn Java in a month or two at most. ;)

    Good luck
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