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    Default Programmer Gone Bad

    I have a degree in CS (just barely passed, so it doesn't really count), and I was a Java developer for 18 months. But now, I've crossed over to the dark side... I'm in Marketing and Product Development. However, my role is to be the customer advocate to engineering, and the engineering advocate to the customer. This means that I tell engineering what the customer wants, and tell the customer whether engineering thinks its possible.

    I still dabble in Java for fun, and occasionally for work-related purposes. You'll see me in here from time to time with what may appear to be extremely simple problems. The good news is, it's usually hobby-related, so no customers will be harmed in the making of my applications.


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    Hi sixohseven
    Now Im sure business buys are more paid than the programmers .:):). Just kidding

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    No worries, I develop most of each day, yet technically I work for marketing...
    Though the work is all technical.

    Don MacVittie F5 Networks - DevCentral

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