Hey everyone. I'm currently 17 years old living in the US. I am a senior in high school and I am enrolled in an AP Computer Science A course. We just finished a chapter on Arrays. (before winter break started of course) I've had some programming experience with this unknown language called mIRC Scripting Language. (MSL) I got involved with MSL programming by playing a game called Runescape. My friends and I would chat on an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and mIRC was a software that would let one program commands for IRC. Well, I got hooked on mIRC and I made some pretty cool stuff.
MSL taught me tons of stuff that is used in many other languages. Such as regex, tokenizers, sockets, hashtables, binary (a lil bit), etc.
During this winter break, I wanted to make a little project using JAVA instead of MSL for a change. When I started, there were so many questions going through my head. Like, "wth.. we didn't cover how to do this..." or, "where do i start?" But thanks to the insightful Google, most of my questions were answered. Once I got the ball rolling, I realized there is so much I don't know about JAVA. All we've covered in my class was like how to create arrays, methods, and classes. And I thought that was the scope of JAVA... So yea, I did end up finishing my project and I must say, I feel like I know twice as much as before about JAVA and I hope to learn way more.